English Academic Superbowl


On Saturday, May 4, the PHS Academic Superbowl English team placed second at their State competition.

Senior Olivia Ochs, a member of the team, recounted the team's preparation for the event. "We read all of the material multiple times and used Quizlets and studied games to prepare. One of our pieces was Dead Poets Society, so after we read the screenplay, we watched the movie (there are a lot of differences, actually. We were required to read the screenplay for the competition)," said Ochs. "The hardest part of the competition was fitting in time for practice because I have a pretty busy schedule. The easiest part was probably the State competition – I feel like the State questions were easier than preliminaries."

Ochs was confident in her preparation and encouraged others to do the same. "You should go over the material as much as possible over a long period. Don't cram because you'll forget everything, and don't look at it at all the night before," said Ochs. "Overall, I had a great time with the team."

Story by Seyla Ray