Vintage vs Modern


Music is a very diverse topic and has different views from people. The question that is being asked is whether 90's music or current music is more liked in today's world. Music is a very current topic and has different opinions throughout the world. Which kind of music is more liked by people; 90's or current music?

In my opinion, I would say that current music is more liked over 90's music. Most students listen to the type of music everyone else listens to. They are more interested in what is most recent and what the people around them are listening to. I personally love both genres of music, and they are both very impactful and have meaning in their songs. Both genres of music are popular with different people and different moods. In different situations, one type of music can overpower the other. The Audience that is listening to the music has a very big impact on what genre of music is being listened to.

90's music usually falls onto the people who have a wide range of music. In my opinion, 90's music is liked less than other genres but this type of music has a significant amount of meaning in the lyrics. The people who like more of older music are the people who enjoy time with their elders and love to experience things with them rather than viewing them. I love sitting with my dad and listening to music he grew up listening to and experiencing his life alongside. Music in the 90's was very nostalgic and gave you a different perspective on someone's life that one wasn't able to experience or be present for.

All in all, I would say that current music is more popular than what would be 90s music. Current music is largely listened to by a great number of people and is favored over any other genre of music. I believe that most people are only interested in the most popular music. People don't stop to consider their own likes and dislikes. I believe that whichever music you listen to can tell a big part of who you are. The type of music that one listens to can help one identify characteristics of oneself. I believe that recognizing the type of music people listen to can have a big impact on the relationship with the person you are trying to communicate with.

In my opinion, current music has a variety of choices for each type of person listening to. There is a category for anyone who has a specific type of preference or alternative music. Different people have different music varieties and when listening to 90's music it only fits one type of person or one type of genre. When I listen to current music I have the sense that everyone else knows the song I'm singing. The difference when I am listening to 90's music gives me a sort of feeling that I am the only one listening to the music.

Adding onto this 90's music was very energetic and could make you happy and give you positive vibes. I believe that most artists in the 90s had a passion for the music industry and what they were Putting into the world. The artists nowadays just put together music without stopping and thinking how these songs could affect someone who isn't familiar with the music. I think that when 90's music was being put together it was more of a sense of fun and just a way to make you feel energetic and get a sense of fun. When listening to this music you sort of get a rush that makes you want to feel again.

Opinion by Mady Pearman