Area 31 Outstanding Student


After the end of the first quarter, seniors Norah Haines and Isabella Smith were awarded the "Outstanding Student of the Month" at Area 31. Haines was awarded this by her Emergency Medical Services instructor, Melissa Lane.

"I exemplified outstanding student leadership and dedication to my education," said Haines. "I felt accomplished because it takes a lot of work to be in EMS and knowing someone recognized it felt very rewarding."

Being in Area 31 has had a positive effect on Haines, from a field trip to the Lucas Oil Stadium to the hands-on experience she gained from her courses. "I chose [EMS] because I ultimately want to be a nurse but I haven't decided what type of nurse specifically. It was recommended to me to take EMS to get a feel for everything because you see it all," said Haines. "Area 31 is very beneficial and I recommend that anyone who is considering going to go."

Story by Jada Pearman