Quaker Connections

Andrew Weaver


Adrenaline and nerves flooded through freshman Andrew Weaver's mind as he positioned himself at the starting line. His first race on the high school track team -- the big leagues. As the starting gun went off, Weaver took flight, winning the race by 200 meters.

Kevin Lewis


One evening in a flea market, two (seemingly normal) Pokémon cards sat untouched by the onlookers slowly walking through the isles. However, this wouldn't last long, and eventually they were picked up by one curious collector. To senior Kevin Lewis's surprise, these were generation one Pokémon cards from the late 1990s, and he had just scored big...

With a smile stretching from ear to ear, it's hard to miss junior Taylor Anderson.

Molly McCurdy


Senior Molly McCurdy waits for the commercials to pass. The infamous Dawn Dish Soap commercial clicks on and she watches as the animals are cleaned from oil with the magic blue liquid called Dawn. Then and there, a spark of interest was born.

Grandpa and the garage: Two things that will be forever linked in the mind of junior Kevin Stansbery.

Ruby Woodson


A mysterious newcomer. A startling knock on the door. Before fourth-grader Chloe Sumner knew what to expect, her door flung open and she was met with the bright, cheerful smile of a girl she'd never seen before. "I'm Ruby Woodson," the girl said. The rest is history.

Standing on the edge of the board, junior Danielle Mansfield prepared to dive into the cold water. It took a move to a new state, a switch in sports, countless mental blocks and many demanding hours of practice, but she had finally mastered her new dive.

Jeremiah Koss


Towering over a sea of people, junior Jeremiah Koss raised his gloved hands to the sky, basking in the silence that enveloped the field. At his command, the music swelled and the band began to play.

Avery Guth


Rushing to the airport, she helped her family unload the suitcases from the car and started running. She tripped over her own feet, using all her strength to pull the heavy suitcases. A continuous thought rippled through her mind: they were going to be late. Luckily, however, she and her family made it on the plane in time, with only...