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Lunar Bases


Fast forward to a world where lunar habitats defy celestial odds, rising amidst the barren moon like outposts from a sci-fi movie. Picture these colonies as vibrant enclaves where the air hums with the pulse of lunar life. The moon, once a distant dream, now stands as a thrilling frontier.

Turning on their TVs to the NFL channel to watch the Kansas Chiefs game, many people were shocked to find Taylor Swift, present at the game--yet alone--cheering on the Kansas Chiefs with all her might. This was an event that turned people's heads. Famous world pop star, Taylor Swift was spotted at a Kansas Chiefs game, after being invited by...

Ten years ago, the idea of speaking to a computer, holding a conversation with it and developing a friendship with it might have been laughed at.

"Year 2000 Compliant," was a phrase most older generations had ingrained in their heads in the final years of the 20th century. If something wasn't "Y2K Compliant," (meaning that electronics had the ability to handle going into the year 2000 without breaking) how could they possibly prepare themselves for the new millennium? Or even worse, the...