Girls Basketball Regionals


It's time to fill the stands this Saturday, February 10, for the Girls Basketball Regional Championship at Decatur Central. The game will begin at 7 p.m. and is free for any Plainfield High School students who arrive between 6 p.m. and 6:45 p.m. Not only is admission free, but free pizza will also be provided to student section members until 6:45 -- while supplies last.

Sophomore Berkeley Williams explained that she is most looking forward to the experience she'll have with her teammates. "It is all our first time for this, so I think I'm most excited to see our hard work pay off," she said, adding that her favorite aspect of this past basketball season has been the culture of her team. "We have all blended so well and it's always so nice to come to practice every day after a bad day at school and you can let it all go with your teammates. I think we can help each other forget about what was bad in a day and make it positive."

Dodging opponents, sophomore Berkeley Williams races across the court, determined to score. "I feel prepared for this weekend," she said. "I have watched tons of film on Pike to see what some of their tendencies are. I think the team has done everything we need to as we step into regionals, so there is not much to feel nervous about."

Photo by Connor Burress

Williams noted that the team is very prepared and has done everything they can in order to get ready for Regionals. "All we can do is be confident in ourselves and have fun," she said. Williams also stressed the importance of not over-preparing and remaining positive. "I play better in games when I feel free and there isn't much weighing down on me," said Williams.

More important than the numbers on a scoreboard is the opportunity Williams has to play the sport that she loves. She explained that she tries to remember to never take what she has for granted. "Some people don't get to run, some people don't get to see, some people don't get to hear and the list goes on," explained Williams. "Before every game, I pray and thank the Lord for blessing me with the gift of being able to play and that he watches over those who are not in the same position as me. It's extremely important to me that I thank my parents for all they do for me and that I take no moment for granted when I play."

Story by Lily Saylor