Library Construction


Since October 23, 2023, parts of the Plainfield Guilford Township Public Library have been closed for construction. This means that the study rooms and areas, the children's room and the teen central are all currently unavailable. Other areas, however, have remained open, like the art gallery on the second floor, the upstairs conference rooms and the lobby.

The construction is being done for a number of reasons, but the main one is to make the library more accessible to those who use it. "I think the community loves the library, and they're perfectly happy with the way it was," said Library Manager Reann Poray, "but when they see the new renovations, I think they'll be like, 'Oh my gosh this is so cool.'"

Another aspect of the renovation that will improve the library is the color scheme and flooring, details that often are overlooked, but can make or break the atmosphere of a room. "I'm really excited about the color scheme that we have selected," said Library Director Montie Manning. "I want to come in and be really kind of blown away by the color scheme, the flooring is going to be very neutral, but the excitement in the room is going to come out in the fixtures."

Overall, the new additions and changes to the spaces will make the space more inviting to all who use the library, from the Children's Room and the Teen Room to the lobby and study rooms.

"We're really excited, and we think the community will be really excited to see it," said Manning. "We've gotten really good feedback, too, from people. They understand that you have to, from time to time, spruce up the building and make it right."

Story by Tiba Altower