Taylor and Travis


Turning on their TVs to the NFL channel to watch the Kansas Chiefs game, many people were shocked to find Taylor Swift, present at the game--yet alone--cheering on the Kansas Chiefs with all her might. This was an event that turned people's heads. Famous world pop star, Taylor Swift was spotted at a Kansas Chiefs game, after being invited by one of the best tight ends in the NFL, Travis Kelce.

Fellow students have a variety of opinions on the relationship between Swift and Kelce. Freshman Addison Crum is in favor of their relationship, and even goes as far as to compare Kelce to one of Swift's love songs. "I actually love this relationship," said Crum. "Their relationship is really cute and she deserves a guy who will treat her like the guy from Stay Stay Stay so it's perfect."

Alternatively, senior Jonathan Stephenson is not in favor of their relationship. "I don't like Travis Kelce because he plays for the Chiefs," said Stephenson. "I don't like Taylor Swift because her music sounds lethargic."

Many people in the media question if their relationship will affect the success of Kelce and his team. "I think he's definitely gonna have a lot more of a following now," said Crum. "I don't think it's gonna impact the way he plays or anything like that."

In addition to Kelce, people are also wondering if this will affect the music Swift makes. Sophomore Olivia Champine described that whatever happens between the two, she would be happy with Swift's music. "In the case it's a messy breakup, I would feel bad for Taylor, but also I would be ready for another fire album to come out," said Champine. "Now on the contrary they get married or something, once again there will probably be a fire album, just not breakup song worthy."

Crum believes that Swift will go back to making happier music. "I think she'll start making music like she did when she was with Joe Alwyn [one of Swift's ex-boyfriends]," said Crum. "Her music was really happy for that period, like her album, Lover."

Stephenson commented on how the relationship they have affects him being a fan of the NFL. "The NFL is marketing this endlessly, to try to get little girls to watch the league, which is honestly a good idea. But at the same time, it annoys somebody like me," said Stephenson. "From a marketing perspective, it's a good idea. From a fan perspective, it's like, what are you doing, man?"

Along with Stephenson's view on the marketing strategy the NFL is doing, he doesn't believe this should be the headline news, when there is so much else going on in the world. ""The regular world should be focused on inflation and helping people out in the middle class," said Stephenson. "To see Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift on the news is not helping that cause."

What it comes down to though, is that both Swift and Kelce seem to be enjoying their time together. "I have so many opinions but in the end, I'm happy she's happy again," said senior Emma Nebergall. "They both got out of serious relationships and are probably looking for something slow but lasting, and I think they can achieve that together."

Story by Lillian Coffin