Polar Plunge


Bone-chilling water rushes through the body of everyone jumping into the murky, cold lake. Shaken feet hesitantly slide into the unfathomable depths of the crystalized area, embraced by the sun's warm blanket. Some even questioned why they signed up for this in the first place. Adrenaline fueled them to jump in, but now joy and glee overwhelm them with laughter and memories to look back on for years.

The Polar Plunge is an annual high school tradition the students and staff follow, and Principal Pat Cooney is the leader of the activity. "The Polar Plunge is something our district has participated in for several years. Its primary purpose is to support and raise funds for the Special Olympics," said Cooney. "The main reasons that we choose to participate as a school are to show support for students at our school who have disabilities and to provide a service opportunity for students. Students have to raise $99 to participate in the Polar Plunge."

Cooney described why students should use this as a service opportunity and why it is a memorable experience. "My favorite part of the Polar Plunge is watching students who have never done this before get into the water for the first time. It's hard to describe how cold it is. It certainly takes the breath out of you," Cooney explained.

Cooney added, "Thirty-nine students were involved in the plunge this year. Fifteen students are coming from PCMS and 24 from PHS." This program is a tangible way to give back to others and gets people involved in the community more. "These things make me proud of PHS," he said.

Story by Jack Nebergall