Track Season


Track season has officially started, with the team's first practice on February 12. For junior Andrew Weaver, this is his third year on the team, and he explained that he is looking forward to competing again this spring.

"I like being at the meets because it's a lot of fun and good energy," said Weaver. "It's a lot of fun being with people that can make you laugh."

The first outdoor meet of the season is on March 25 at Plainfield High School, against Avon High School, and the meet will begin at 5:30 p.m. To ensure success at meets, the team practices six times a week, with a wide range of runs and workouts.

"At the beginning of the season, we start out running 25 minutes for normal runs, and a long run is an extra 10," explained Weaver. "We have workouts, but we don't know what the workouts are yet."

With the first week of practice under his belt, Weaver is optimistic for the season and is prepared to put in the grueling hours and hard work to improve. "Practice is beneficial for us long-distance runners because we go out and run for hours in a week," he said. "We do these workouts called speed workouts, where we run half of the track 12 times with a break halfway around, going as hard as we can and pushing ourselves to our limits until we're done."

Story by Lily Saylor